Hello Everyone!

Thank you for visiting my latest project. This is the beginning of a new, creative chapter in my life. Within this website I plant the seeds necessary to change and reshape my life. Within these pages I lay down the goals, plans, hopes, dreams, projects, and blueprints for where my life is evolving. I commit to building several small business projects to help support my life. Rather than working for someone else’s dream, I want to continue what I’ve done all my life: to envision and create my own path to help support me financially, creatively and spiritually. This website will be a Portal through which abundant love and prosperity can enter my life.
What an adventure! I can’t wait to continue this process.

Another vision I have is for my wide network of friends to help me develop this website and the projects I intend to initiate. I love and respect all of you ,especially your creative minds. I’m looking forward to getting your feedback on my ideas and projects and to work harmoniously with you to bring them to a higher level. Community is a central theme of my life so I hope this concept will be expanded through my website. Stay tuned as this process unfolds.

Om, Peace, Amen.